Forked Chain

Manufacturer of Forked Chain and System Components

The most common used chain links are available from stock and can be assembled in a short delay. As every chain is different, each order is custom made. Single & double strand chains, custom made scraper bars and flights, different types of connecting pins, everything is made according to customer's demand. 

Types of chain links

  • 101,6x36x9 - 101,6x36x13
  • 142x50x19 - 142x50x25 - 142x50x29
  • 160x50x25
  • 200x50x25 - 200x60x30
  • 250x60x30
  • other types are available on request

Chain materials

  • 20MnCr5, 1.7147, case hardened steel, high wear resistance
  • 42CrMo4, 1.7225, trough hardened steel, high tensile load
  • X10CrAlSi7, 1.4713, heat resistant steel, up to to 800°C
  • ..

Pin materials

  • 16MnCr5
  • X46Cr13
  • ...

System components

  • Sprocket wheels and guiding discs
  • Wear strips in a variety of wear resistant steels
  • ...
ES Forked Chain - Breaking Load Testing
ES Forked Chain - 2 Drive Segments
ES Forked Chain - 142x50x29 - T Flight
ES Forked Chain - Grooved Reversing Wheel
ES Forked Chain - 142x50x19 - double strand
ES Forked Chain - 142x50x19 - single strand
ES Forked Chain - 200x50x25 - double strand
ES Forked Chain - Drive Wheel
ES Forked Chain - Forging
ES Forked Chain - Machining
ES Forked Chain - Machining
ES Forked Chain - Machining
ES Forked Chain - Automated Welding