Apron Conveyors

Apron or Pan Conveyors usually consist of two strands of roller chain separated by overlapping plates, so called aprons. They form the carrying surface. 

Typically is that while the apron conveyor is running, the product lies still on the aprons. These type of conveyors are especially useful as feeders and long horizontal or inclined high capacity conveyors.

Set of Apron Conveyors
Apron Conveyor to Container
Apron Conveyor - 3D Design Layout
Apron Conveyor - 3D Engineering & Simulation
Apron Conveyor - Manufacturing
Apron Conveyor - Assembly
Apron Conveyor - Installation on site
Apron Conveyor - Pre Assembly
Apron Conveyor - De Asher - Manufacturing
Apron Conveyor - Spare Parts
Roundlink Chain Container Transport