Bucket Elevators

A Bucket Elevator is a conveyor system for vertically hauling flowable bulk materials. It consists of a pare of conveyor chains or a belt who carries the buckets. The buckets pick up the material at the boot, transport it vertically and centrifugal discharge the material at the top.

A bucket elevator can elevate a variety of bulk materials from light to heavy and from fine to large lumps.

Chain bucket elevators mostly use a pare of round link chains. According to the way the buckets are connected to the chain, we speak about a DIN system, a side wall attachment system, a back wall system, a central chain system,...

Round Link Chain - RUD 2Win System
Elevator Buckets - Custom Made - Stainless Steel
Elevator Buckets - Custom Made
Round Link Chain - DIN System
Belt System
RUD Central Chain - High Capacity Bucket Elevator