Curative or preventive maintenance?

From now on, we will bundle our expertise in the operation of conveyor systems in a new service "inspections and wear measurements" according to Juri De Groote of Entecom, Frantsen and Amesco.

Curative or preventive maintenance? Preventive, of course! But do you always have the correct data? By subjecting installations to a periodic inspection schedule, we collect crucial data about the "health status" of the installations. Based on the inspection results, we report imminent failures, the degree of wear, the expected lifetime, ... and we look for material improvements to extend the lifetime, for example.

After all, conveyor chains are often replaced too early. Why? "Because we've been doing so for many years."By calculating the effective chain pull in an installation, we can determine more accurately when a certain degree of wear becomes threatening. This is often much later than expected. That's not in favour of our business? "Yes, at short term, but our mission is to be a long term partner. The cost of such inspections must result in savings for the customer. After all, by avoiding production stops and extending maintenance intervals, we can often realise considerable savings on the downtime costs of an installation", according to Juri De Groote.

Every production environment is different. Starting from our standard program, we therefore set up a tailor-made inspection schedule, so that the desired data is reported. So, we provide input for a planned and preventive maintenance program, resulting in an efficient use of the available budget. Without a doubt a win-win!